Our Aim

To share the fun of physics!

At Chigwell we aim to make our learning of physics enjoyable by including as wide a variety of experiences as possible: from practical and experimental work to trips to CERN in Geneva. We also strive to make the work relevant to our students’ everyday lives and experience whilst providing stretch and challenge for students of all ages and abilities.

Pupils study physics topics in Year 7 as part of the integrated and balanced science programme. In Year 8 students study physics as a separate subject taught by well qualified subject specialists. Here, the physics is aimed at understanding aspects that are clearly related to their everyday experiences such as seeing, hearing, playing music, an introduction to electricity and, of course, the mysteries of the solar system.

In year 9 students begin their iGCSE course

We have chosen the iGCSE course as we believe its mix of practical work, topics and depth prepare our students well for the further study of physics should they wish to. Our schemes of work encourage individuals to achieve excellent grades whilst maintaining the balance of theory, practical and enjoyment. After all, physics is fun!

The A level course builds upon the foundations laid down during the KS4 years as we follow the OCR (A) Specification which in turn prepares them well for further study at university.

During Year 12 students will study forces, motion, electrons, waves and photons. As physics is a practical subject, all pupils regularly carry out experiments in order to both support and enhance their learning experience and to develop their practical skills. Two exams at the end of the year will lead to an AS qualification.

For students following the full A Level course, Year 13 sees study continue with an exploration of the Newtonian world, astrophysics, particle physics and medical physics, which – in addition to the work covered in Year 12 – will be examined in three papers at the end of the year. Once again practical skills continue to develop leading to an endorsement of practical capabilities.

Many students in years 12 and 13 take part in the Physics Olympiad competitions run by Oxford University – often achieving great success as evidenced by representing England in the International Physics Olympiad!

By taking part in these competitions our students further develop their problem solving skills and are even better prepared for university applications.

In a typical year, 6 – 10 students go on to study physics or engineering at university.

At Chigwell we promote independent thinking and learning, and there are many opportunities for pupils to develop a real interest in Physics beyond the specification requirements. Students are encouraged to attend outside lectures, such as the UCL science lectures for schools, to subscribe to relevant scientific magazines and to read around the subject either independently or from the suggested reading list. We also look to organise trips to further enhance the classroom experience for example to look at physics in action in a local hospital or even learning about the Large Hadron Collider by visiting CERN.

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