During Covid-19 Pandemic 'Lockdown', the Year 11 Pre-A Level Drama group had the opportunity to take part in an online workshop as part of their study of theatre stylistics for A level Drama.

Gecko Theatre

Mr Maingot and his students watched Gecko Theatre’s BBC commissioned play, “The Time of Your Life” online and then had virtual workshop with one of the actors/creators of the piece, Uri Roodner.

It was a wonderful opportunity for students who were able to ask some very interesting questions to Uri which really established their thinking on devising.

Mr Maingot, Head of Drama

Uri Roodner

Uri is a professional actor as well as manager and director of the East 15 Acting School, Contemporary Theatre Course. He answered questions on how the show was created, commissioned, rehearsed and filmed as well as giving us an outline of his life in theatre in London since the 1980s.

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