Shrove Tuesday has been an annual Old Chigwellian event for 153 years. This year, undaunted, it took place virtually. In what was the first truly global Shrove Tuesday event, Old Chigwellians attended online from across the world - including from Australia, Bavaria and Canada.

The online event included inspirational ideas from our Chaplain, an address by the OCA President and a look back at what we have achieved despite the lockdown, from the Headmaster and Head of School. All of this wrapped up by the Chaplain's blessing and the Chapel Choir singing above some stunning new drone footage of the School.

Through the power of Zoom, live reunion breakout out rooms gave Old Chigwellians the chance to reconnect with others from their houses.

"It was great to see OCs from far and wide taking the time to join the event, including Head of School 1987, Mark Chalkley, who joined us from Northern Ireland and Julian Kirkby who have never missed a reunion since 1989!" Aegean Simpson, OCA President

The Zoom Reunion Rooms were hosts by OC's Rhea Gutpa and Momo Awolesi (Lambournes), Tom Bromwich (Penns), Maddie Lovett (Caswells) and Aegean Simpson (Swallows).

Congratulations to the OCA for making this a successful event and thank you to our videographer, Mrs Pewsey, as well as the speakers, reunion room hosts and all involved.

For those who missed the event (or want to re-live it!), it is available to view below.

Thank you so much for your inspiration in organising this. I was just thinking how miserable to miss Shrove Tuesday so that has cheered me up!! Wonderful event. Do it again next year!

Old Chigwellian