The School’s uniform and sports kit are provided by Stevensons.

The school uniform and sports kit are available online, and a pop-up shop at the school has been arranged on:

  • Thursday, 13 July - in the Drama Centre
  • Friday, 11 August - in the Sixth Form Centre

More information can be found on this leaflet.

For information relating to uniform sizes, please visit the relevant Stevensons sizing guide.

For any inquiries, please contact the supplier directly at 01727 815700 or email


  • The cricket kit is now available to order. It can be found in the Sportswear section for each Year 3-8 and Year 9-11.
  • Pre prep summer dress is now available to order - samples for sizing purposes can be found in our Pre prep.
Uniform in the Sixth Form

Sixth formers at Chigwell wear a formal suit for lessons (a jacket and trousers/skirt/dress in the same material) such as they might wear for work in a business/office environment. It must be of a plain material and students must wear black, navy or grey, along with a plain white shirt/blouse. Boys also wear a tie according to their day house and all students wear black shoes and a black coat.