International Women's Day was a huge success thanks to all the preparations, presentations, workshops and Chapel sessions led and run by our Equality Ambassadors.

The International Women's Day project was delivered by the Equality Ambassadors, who are committed to promoting discussion and provoking thought in our students. The theme of this year's celebration was #BreakTheBias. The ambassadors used this to design their classroom sessions with students to reflect on what bias is, how to recognise it and how begin seeing more positive views women and their roles in society.

LVI student Charlotte, created her own short documentary film addressing these questions: What bias towards women can you see in our society? How do they make you feel? How can teachers avoid reinforcing bias in the classroom?

To the girls she questioned: Do we have our own subconscious bias and how can we change our behaviour? To the boys in the video she asked: Do men truly understand and appreciate the gender biases towards women in society? The video reveals honest consideration of these issues.