Academic Enrichment

Designed to encourage students outside and beyond their A level subjects.

In 2020, we introduced a new programme of academic enrichment lessons into the Year 12 curriculum. Our students are spending one lesson every week away from their examination subjects, learning about areas not on their A level specifications.

Our aim is to broaden and deepen their intellectual experience and to get our sixth formers valuing different areas of learning they might not have known much about, or thought about, before. We are hoping that this will make them more informed and rounded students, thinkers, university and job applicants and people.

Mr Simon Coppell, Head of Sixth Form

Courses include:

An Introduction to Western Philosophy

The Unreliable Narrator

Facing the Past Today

Financial Analysis

A History of Western Art

Introduction to Python Programming

Medical Ethics

An Introduction to Linguistics

Portuguese for Beginners

Ancient Ideas, Modern Issues – Roman and Greek Attitudes to Issues we Still Debate Today

The Outsider in Literature Written in English

Introduction to Excel

Introduction to Book-Keeping

Computing: Networks and Security.