Over the past 16 months, we have been listening to the views of our school community about what you think makes Chigwell unique. Your feedback has affirmed our strengths, and importantly, has helped guide our vision for the future.

In particular, we heard how proud you were of our school’s traditions, but with a clear keenness to modernise too. We have worked hard to find that balance, and as such, we are delighted to share our School Values with you and our refreshed style which brings these to life through a new look and feel.

Our Values

Our values guide our moral compass, behaviours and decision making as we forge our paths in the world. They represent what makes our school distinctive, as well as fuelling our vision for the future, as we cultivate young people who we hope will go on to become inspiring role models for others.

Our School Values are:

  • Happiness First
  • Courageous and Resilient
  • Innovative Approach
  • Community of Kindness
  • Lifelong Learning

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Design Inspiration

At the heart of the designs are the foundations of our school. The leaded stained glass windows of our chapel are representative of the support structure that holds our community together and this leaded styling features gently throughout the look.

We have retained the mitre as an important symbol of our founder, building on this to encompass the memorable year of our foundation. The shapes from one of the original crests have been brought back and reinvented with a softer styling. They are used to frame, or hold, images – emphasising our caring and nurturing ethos, as well as an outline of the crest, again ‘holding’ us together.

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Our motto, Find a Way or Make a Way, is prominent, and perhaps more relevant now more than ever.

Our Colours

Our primary colour of navy remains; symbolic of education and academic success. In addition, we drew upon our surroundings to add Skyline Blue, Top Field Green and The Glen Green, as well as brighter pops of colour which evoke our values; from Happiness Pink, to Innovation Blue and Courageous Green, and Chigwell Gold – a modern take on the gold of our original crest. Just like the School buildings themselves, our new look blends heritage with modernity.

What’s Next?

The roll out will be a gradual process. Families will not be expected to purchase new uniform for September 2020, instead a phased approach will be communicated for 2021. The implementation will begin with the launch of our new website over the summer.

We look forward to sharing more with you over the coming months and wish you an enjoyable summer break.

Best wishes

Mr Michael Punt, Headmaster & Miss Jayne Burton, Director of Marketing and Admissions

View the new look video here