April 2023

Compliance and Educational Quality Inspection

During April 2023 a team of inspectors spent three days at school and examined all aspects of what we do.

They held discussions with members of staff, pupils, and Governors and they attended tutor group meetings. They visited areas right across the School including the facilities for learning support and the medical centre, as well as the boarding houses. The responses of parents, staff and pupils to pre-inspection questionnaires, for which we helpfully had a high response rate, were analysed and they examined all our documentation and policies that we are required to have.

The recent inspection resulted in the best outcome for the school and the best inspection report that the school has ever received.

Some of the highlights from the report are given below:


  • The quality of the pupils' academic and other achievements is excellent
  • The quality of the pupils' personal development is excellent

Other Highlights Include:

  • Academic attainment is excellent and pupils make excellent progress
  • Pupils' communication skills are advanced for their age across the school
  • Pupils demonstrate outstanding attitudes toward their learning and achievement
  • Pupils demonstrate excellent self-confidence and self-understanding
  • Pupils display outstanding collaborative skills and work together extremely well
  • Pupils' appreciation of diversity and equality is excellent
Independent Schools Inspectorate
Independent Schools Inspectorate