We are extremely proud of the 13 Chigwell students who gained awards in the RSC's UK Chemistry Olympiad 2021. What makes this achievement even more outstanding, is that 7 of the 13 students who achieved medals are Year 12, in a competition which is aimed at the year above.

Mr Long, Head of Chemistry commented:

"All the students completed this tough test aimed at challenging the most able Year 13 students on camera and I am confident of the security. The grade boundaries were higher than previous years, possibly more due to lack of security at other centres than the fact that the test was easier (believe me - it wasn't easier!)."

Students achieving a Gold award (the top 8.9% of the 7160 students who took part):
Nichita (Y13), Paul (Y13)

Students achieving a Silver award:
Michael (Y12), Elena (Y13)

Students achieving a Bronze award:
Amelia (Y12), Holly (Y12), Lewis (Y12), Lora (Y12), Lisa (Y13), Tanveer (Y12), Julia (Y13), Trisha (Y13), Helen (Y12)

What is the UK Chemistry Olympiad?

"Designed to challenge and inspire, the UK Chemistry Olympiad is the leading chemistry competition for students in secondary education across the British Isles. This enriching experience is a unique opportunity for students to push themselves further and excel in the chemistry field." - The Royal Society of Chemistry

Read more about the UK Chemistry Olympiad

Team Chemistry is amazing. The students and staff should share in this success - well done - super proud of you all.

Mr Long, Head of Chemistry & MVIS Tutor

Students who achieved a Gold were in the top 8.9% of the 7,160 students who took part.

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