The OC Mitre

The Magazine of Chigwell Alumni

The OC Mitre is an annual production and contains news about the Old Chigwellian community. It is distributed to everyone on our database for whom we hold current contact details. We cannot produce an interesting and informative magazine without your help. Please send in details of your achievements, degree results, new careers, marriages, births, deaths, reunions, or any articles etc. Other OCs like to hear what their contemporaries have been up to and that in turn will inspire them to contact us with their news.

If you would like to contribute to the OC Mitre, please email the Department of Philanthropy.

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The Buds of Virtue

The Story of Chigwell School by David K Ballance

The story is a fascinating account of Chigwell School from its modest start in 1629 to the distinguished modern institution it is today.

This book will entertain and absorb pupils and staff, past and present and others connected with the school and its community.

152 pages of 280mm X 210mm, about 120 illustrations, library quality hardbook binding.

Price £ 15.00 (excluding postage)