Covid-19 restrictions this year have meant that the RSC Analyst Competition could not take place in its normal format of one team of three Year 12 chemistry students working in the undergraduate laboratories at QMUL.

Demand from interested schools and a flexible and pragmatic approach from the RSC meant up to 100 schools were allowed to run their own events for up to 30 students. I was absolutely delighted that 24 of our 31 Year 12 students volunteered to take part, despite the considerable commitment that a briefing, three hours in the lab and a write up would involve.

It has been an exciting experience and helped me build my teamwork skills.

Maya, Year 12

Following complicated and involved instructions and working together as a team of three is a real-life skill and I am convinced the students gained a great deal from the experience.

I found it so enriching to work as a team, collate our knowledge and identify unknown chemicals together. I had so much fun!

Anjalie, Year 12

Special thanks to Mr Wyatt-Barrett, the Senior Lab Technician, for the work he put in to give the students this opportunity. Gooo Team Chemistry!

It’s been really enjoyable taking our pre-existing chemistry knowledge & applying it to identify unknown substances. A great afternoon!

Kiran, Year 12

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