Crystal, Year 12, shares how and why she came to study at Chigwell, and her favourite memories so far.

The Application Process

Before I came to Chigwell, I had studied in the UK for three years and after finishing my GCSEs, I was willing to change my environment and meet some new people so I decided to continue my sixth form studies in a new school. My guardian introduced Chigwell School to me and after actually visiting Chigwell and having an interview with the Head of Sixth Form, I made the choice to come. It was during our mock exam for GCSEs, so most of the application process was done with the help of my guardian and I was able to know more about application to other English schools by talking to my guardian.

Choosing Chigwell

I chose Chigwell because I had a very good impression when I came to the School for my interview and entrance exam. I really liked the environment - which is green and relaxing, and inside the School there are many woods and wildlife. I like the atmosphere, as when I talked to the Head of Sixth Form and one of the house parents, I had the feeling of them caring and paying attention to the students and how they would work hard to help the students. I talked a lot when I had a chat with them, which was something I would not do if I was not in a comfortable and open environment.


Before I arrived I was contacted by a couple of students which I felt really grateful and they were all very welcoming and friendly. For my first day of school, my mentor met me during breakfast and as I was not familiar with various locations, I was guided by my mentor and students from my form and other forms. It was a tiring day but I thought it was heart-warming with all the support from the people I met and I had a good and quick settling in.

A Typical Day at Chigwell

My typical day in Chigwell is mainly lessons and studying as for A-levels there are quite a lot of materials to go through. But I also like to chat with my friends during morning and lunch breaks - sometimes we sit on the grass and enjoy the sunshine. After school, normally I return to my boarding house but sometimes I go to library to read for a while and then go back. Dinner is at 6 o’clock generally and between the time school finishing and dinner there is a 2 hour break, during which I usually relax for a bit or attend a school club or discussion group which is a great fun. After dinner, most students get on with their work in the boarding house and then have a rest from study for the remainder of the evening.

Favourite Memories

One of my favourite memories at Chigwell is Chinese New Year Eve. Me and another girl from our boarding house cooked a special meal and had it with our house parents while watching the annual big show on the very last day of Lunar calendar year. Due to Covid-19, it has been extremely difficult for Chinese students to go back home during the holidays and I was grateful to celebrate the new year with house parents who take a good care of me and I enjoyed our time together very much.

The Future

For now we have just finished our summer exam and are in a position to start preparing for university application. I am also working on an EPQ project on the topic of neuroscience and how we generate conceptual knowledge and I plan to complete most of my research in the next few weeks, by ways like reading relevant academic articles and online journals and discussing my topic with my supervisor and subject teachers. This is one of the opportunities offered in Chigwell which allows me to explore my interest in a greater depth and I am able to develop different skills like time management and planning. I want to study biology in university and would like to work in research science so completing an EPQ project helps me to get a sense of what research involves and confirm my aspirations.

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