An Introduction from the Head of the Prep School

Find a way or make a way has always been the motto of a Chigwellian and it is that ‘can do’ spirit that we embed in all our children and it is that spirit that is so important for us all to have.

We provide our children with the space to grow, not only as learners but also as people who will thrive in the modern world. As a school we give them the confidence to be themselves and to follow and develop their interests.

Our teaching is excellent and our teachers are skilled not only in the classroom but also in providing the care and individual attention that the children need. Class sizes are small and this allows us to get to know the children as individuals and to adapt their education accordingly.

Caring, safe environment, with high academic attainment and great focus on extracurricular activities

Year 5 & 9 Parent (2019)

The Curriculum is wide and evolving as we continue to adapt to the modern world

It is supported by excellent facilities, some of which we share with the senior school.

From the age of 7 our children do drama in the purpose built drama centre, with their plays and assemblies in the theatre itself.

They have science in the science labs with technical support and learn their music in the Walde Music School.

Art, Design and Technology is a particular strength, taught in the Art Centre and we have regular exhibitions of our children’s work.

Sport and PE are taught by specialist teachers and coaches and with two games afternoons and regular fixtures against other schools; our children are active and engaged.

A wide variety of activities

We expect our children to develop wider interests and our after school clubs and activities are second to none. From board games, to Korfball, to Stock Market club to Astronomy club to sporting and musical and drama activities, we want them to taste a variety of activities to see what suits them best.

Nothing makes me happier than knowing my child wakes up excited to go to school every morning!

Year 8 Parent (2019)

Pastoral Support

Pastorally, the children are supported by the form tutors, Heads of year, Mrs Tilbrook our DSL (for Years 3 - 6), Mr Gareth Thomas and myself and we make sure that not only their physical health but also their mental health is a priority. We expect our children to make mistakes and learning from them is an essential part of their growth.

We are proud of what we achieve together here and would love to show you around. So please contact us to ask any questions or arrange a tour.

Mrs Evelyn Gibbs B.A(Hons), P.G.C.E, N.P.Q.H
Head of Prep School

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Mrs Evelyn Gibbs B.A(Hons), P.G.C.E, N.P.Q.H

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Mr Gareth Thomas B.Sc, M.A, P.G.C.E.

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