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Welcome from our Sustainability Ambassadors

A warm welcome from the Sustainability Ambassadors! We are a student-led team that works to help Chigwell to become an eco-friendlier school and improve it for future generations. We are calling this “Project SEED” (Sustainability, Ecosystem, Environment, Decarbonisation). We meet weekly to discuss certain agendas. We are now working with a consultancy company called ARUP to help achieve the best strategy to reach our goals.

So far, we have improved our transport systems, put up posters around our school about food awareness, talked to our catering team about how to effectively reduce food waste, and have had an idea for a sustainability fortnight concept: there will be a variety of different of activities throughout the period beginning on 11th March with our own student-led assembly.

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Why sustainability matters

"I really enjoy being a part of the sustainability ambassadors’ society because I love to be one of the incredible voices for the school and discuss what ideas could improve the school's eco footprint and come up with create, fun and useful ideas that can allow all to get involved. A part of my job that I have such passion in is letting others have a voice too and listen to what others have to say to help improve the school. It truly is a wonderful responsibility to be a part of." - Anya, Year 7

"Sustainability matters to me because it is an urgent matter that is very important. It also ensures a healthy future for our planet and keeps us and our future generations safe and comfortable in the environment." - Scarlet, Year 9

"I wanted to be a Sustainability Ambassador because I like working with the ecosystem, and it’s nice that if you help the ecosystem everyone can join in and help make it better, starting with baby steps." - Rhui, Year 7

"I joined the Sustainability Ambassadors because I think it’s really important that we make the school a greener site, especially now with the current climate change crisis, it is vital that we become more sustainable to protect our planet. - Roma, Year 12