Parents, and Year 11, 12 and 13 pupils - Join us for the Chigwell Academic Festival, Thursday, 29th September - from 4:20pm - 6pm in the Sixth Form Centre

Experience the extra curricular academic opportunities available to 6th Formers at Chigwell School. This student - led event will offer a chance to talk with those who have found satisfaction and success through going above and beyond academic lessons, in order to pursue challenging topics and ideas that are of particular interest to them.

  1. Essay competitions such as the Howard (arts and humanities) and Mitchell (maths and science), The Homerton College, Cambridge Design Competition.
  2. The Industrial Cadets, where students are given accredited experiences to develop skills, gain an insight into industry & become better informed about careers available.
  3. The EPQ - Extended Project Qualifications which is worth half an A Level qualification, recognised by universities and employers.
  4. The Festival of the Foreign Word, a competition amongst A-Level linguists.
  5. Societies and clubs, such as Japanese Cinema and the Mythos Club

EPQs (past participants)

Industrial Cadets

Homerton College Essay competitors

Howard and Mitchell winners (past winners)