Inspired by a love of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics), six of our Year 12 students are working in collaboration with Industrial Cadets, Engineering Development Trust and Leonardo (a national company in the Aerospace Defence & Security sector) to gain the Industrial Cadets Gold level award.

The students will work with their industry-based mentor over a period of 16 weeks with the aim of working on a project, which will help them gain more of an understanding of STEAM in the real world. Our students will benefit from 25 hours of guided learning, including webinars on project management, careers and higher education and a panel discussion with industry representatives who work in a variety of sectors across the STEAM sector. The students will build skills in areas of teamwork, problem solving and creativity culminating in a group presentation to a panel of assessors. Our group of six (Kiran, Abistha, Lewis, Samuel, Ronnie and Michael) are the first from Chigwell to pursue this gold level challenge and we wish them every success in their pursuits.