Over the half-term break, we had another successful trip to India. A group of Chigwell pupils experienced life in rural India and saw various projects, run by the Ashram that we support through the Bede Griffiths Charitable Trust. These projects are making a significant impact upon the lives of the local people and we look forward to meeting their vibrant communities. The students visited the Saccidananda Ashram in Tamil Nadu, had a rewarding day in a local school and sampled some traditional food.

They also spent two days at the Timothy Pruss Memorial School in Tamil Nadu, South India. Tim was a pupil at Chigwell until leaving the MVIth in 2004. Sadly, he passed away in 2005 and his family, in his memory, set up the school in order to provide a safe and regular education to the children of the village. The two days spent at the school were both enjoyable and rewarding. The Chigwell pupils fully engaged with the local pupils, who were aged between 3 and 9. There was a mixture of fun and educational activities; our pupils played football, hopscotch and various action games (such as ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’) with the pupils of the school. Some pupils drew large chalk pictures on the ground to teach the children new English words and one group learnt an Indian dance. The more focused tasks involved Chigwell pupils teaching maths lessons, reading stories, making gliders and playing educational games with children of all ages.

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