Epping Forest Youth Conference 2023

On Friday 17 November, a select number of our pupils from the IV Form and Removes were given the honour of representing Chigwell School in this year’s Epping Forest Youth Council debate. The day was introduced by the Chairman of Epping Council, Darshan Sunger, who welcomed and presented to the participants the council's ideas and opportunities. Councillor Smruti Patel talked about our well-being and health as a community. Two of the young youth councillors (Natalie Moffat, and Paarth Patel) introduced the guest speakers, Ed Flack from Wize up, Dan Bryne, from Gam Care, Sarah Davidson from Planesaver and Jacob Foreman from Epping Forest Food Bank who collectively enriched the discussion on the rising cost of living.

The main motion for the day was “Should youths aged 16 to 25 be allowed free transport?” The debate was exciting and enlightening and arguments were well presented on both sides of the chamber.

Congratulations to Youth Councillors William, Zahra, Musa, Saiseshaan, Aayan, Jovan and Holly for representing the School so eloquently. They were encouraged to create a school pledge with the cost of living being central.

It read: "We pledge not only to continue contributing to the local charities that have been at the heart of Chigwell for many years, such as Revitalise and the Chigwell Riding Trust, but also to the use of student groups within Chigwell such as the Equality Ambassador and Sustainability Committee to come up with new, interesting and eco-friendly ideas to help contribute to the wider community in the future."

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