The art design and technology exhibition showcased an exciting range of creative work produced by pupils in Year 3 and above. The youngest of these gave us a wonderful array of colourful projects including everything from still life studies to robots with flashing eyes. Following a one-day art workshop on ‘Interesting Insects’, and array of insects were made which sit alongside bright and colourful papier mache fish.

The Senior School pupils have created a wide and thoughtful range of art and design work. An abstract investigation of sound, dystopian future societies, language and identity, hybrid-style footwear, luxury and materialism, progressive rock, the cycles of the natural world and hand-made flying machines are just some of the many topics and areas of interest they have successfully explored during the last academic year. They have consistently made work to the highest of standards using both hand-made and digital media, and it has been wonderful to see their work develop and progress.