The winning team

Chigwell are proud joint national winners of the Imperial College ‘Science in Medicine’ British Heart Foundation Cardiovascular Prize ePoster competition, which 57 UK schools entered this year. Our team; Middle Sixth Formers Nayan Patel, Crystal Nunez, Guan Liu, Nabel Islam, Mahi Patel, and Thomas Edwards; presented their proposed health monitor invention on a poster entitled “Cardio Connect – How do we attain cholesterol count?” which was selected for the final ten entries by a panel of 24 judges. In the final the team had to explain their idea in a seven minute online Teams presentation to Imperial academics, who then quizzed them live on the details. The team’s poster will be displayed at the Imperial Festival next June, and they win a £2500 prize for Chigwell’s science department.

A word too on our other team in the parallel Lung competition run by Imperial. Their ‘Rapid Responder’ idea was shortlisted in the final ten out of 52 entries. Well done to Alina Kabir, Lily Fang, Eshal Ahmed, Maisa Mughal and Kinneri Patel. Along with the Cardiovascular team, they too won an online mentoring session with an academic from Imperial College.

Head of Sixth Form, Mr Coppell, commented: "I am delighted to extend my heartfelt congratulations to the winning team on their outstanding victory in this very highly competitive science competition. Their dedication, ingenuity, perseverance, and talent have truly shone through, reflecting their commitment to academic excellence. I am confident that this undoubtedly sets a strong example for others to follow."

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