Last week was a very special and successful “International Week” at the Pre Prep. Initially, our focus for this event was centred primarily around geography with some reference to cultural differences, but it developed into something much more valuable. Through learning about various countries, we have extensively explored different nationalities and cultures. We have also recognised that these cultures form part of the rich and diverse tapestry of the population, not only of Britain as a whole, but of our school, and that this richness and diversity is something to welcome and to celebrate.

In assemblies this week, we have talked about how a person’s heritage is unique and how vital is it that the values, traditions and culture associated with that heritage should be maintained and not lost as time passes. We also learnt that some families define their heritage primarily on their ethnic, cultural or national identity while others can point to personal values that have passed down through generations, such as a love of education, strong work ethic, the desire to travel, a passion for nature and the outdoors etc. Pupils spoke about the precious keepsakes in their homes that have been handed down by previous generations. We have been impressed with pupil engagement in all activities relating to International Week, their knowledge of countries and the pride they have shown as they have shared their own families’ heritage. Teachers have all commented that all of our pupils are interested in, and respectful of, their friends’ cultures, their heritage and their lives. I know that parents have played a big part in preparing their child for this week and we appreciate how you have willingly shared your culture, family traditions and heritage.

As I am sure that you will appreciate a successful event is underpinned by the efforts of a number of staff in the School. With this in mind special thanks to Chef David and his team and also to Chef Chris in the Senior School, not only for serving delicious food throughout the term as always, but also for providing a range of authentic cuisine from around the world for International Week that young children have eaten and enjoyed. It was great to see so many children willingly trying and liking unfamiliar dishes. Also, we have greatly appreciated the work of Ciara McCarthy, our music teacher, who has spent this term teaching pupils songs from around the world. I know that Year 2 pupils are planning to share them with their families at their Leavers’ Assembly in July. Finally, to Mrs Horn who kept our flags in order on windy days!