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OCs follow diverse career pathways after leaving School and gain a wealth of experience along the way.

Sharing that knowledge and experience with other OCs or current pupils providing them with invaluable firsthand insights into life in the ‘real’ world.

If you feel that you could assist OCs starting out on their career journey or support current pupils, we would be delighted to hear from you. For example, you might provide CV critique, interview practice, mentoring or even the provision of work shadowing or work placements. Perhaps you might like to be part of our ‘Meet the Future’ or Williams Project programmes.

For further details please contact the Department of Philanthropy

Ways to get involved


The Old Chigwellians’ Association professional networking group on LinkedIn continues to grow and is an important resource for OCs to communicate with each other as professionals.

If you are a recent graduate or are taking the next step in your career you may find a valuable OC contact in your chosen sector amongst our LinkedIn membership. This is a closed group so you can be confident that all members are genuine Old Chigwellians.

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Meet the Future

Our 'Meet the Future' series of informal presentations and talks given by ‘young’ Old Chigwellians goes from strength to strength. Discussions followed by question-and-answer sessions focus on issues such as starting out in their chosen careers, university, first jobs, changes of plan; in short, advice to their younger selves.

Such advice is invaluable to our students who are deciding upon their future career paths.

In the past couple of years we were delighted to welcome many OCs speaking on a range of interesting topics and careers including: Natasha Gandhi (2002-2013) who discussed the field of Applied Psychology, Ed Richardson (1998-2008) spoke on Investment Management, Dr Sophie Strong (2007-2009) on a Career in Medicine; Billy Wells (2000-2011) talked about the foreign exchange and the importance of embracing and using your failures positively, Harry Benjamin (2005-2015) on radio broadcasting and sports reporting, Meera Ragha (2001-2008) on a career as a Financial Regulatory lawyer, to name just a few.

If you would like to take part in the ‘Meet the Future’ programme, please contact the Department of Philanthropy.

The Williams Project

This venture is named after the Old Chigwellian Sir Bernard Williams who was one of the most famous British philosophers of the late 20th century. The Williams Project is a fortnightly speaker society for all pupils from 11-18 and staff, on just about every subject. This project provides opportunities for all at Chigwell School to broaden and deepen their intellectual life outside the classroom and in an informal environment.

Many Old Chigwellians have been amongst the speakers over the years, including Richard Barham talking on the business of football, Sir David Pepper (1959-1966), former Director of the intelligence agency GCHQ, who gave an authoritative talk on the effect of the internet and the digital revolution on the work of the intelligence services, Tim Collins (1975-1982), former MP and Shadow Secretary of State for Education, discussed the business of political lobbying, Tomas Cvrcek (1993-1995) who spoke on the joys and burdens of freedom, and Dr Charlie Laderman (1994-2005) discussed American Power and the president.

If you wish to be a speaker for The Williams Project, please contact the Department of Philanthropy.

Young Ambassadors

Our Young Ambassadors initiative aims to build bridges between Chigwell and Higher Education.

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