We recently hosted a ‘Meet the Future’ talk with Natasha Gandhi, a former Chigwell Student, who is in the final year of studying for her doctorate in Applied Psychology at Warwick University.

Natasha is currently researching how people perceive and judge food healthiness with the aim of helping the public make better-informed food choices. She applies novel methods from machine-learning and computational linguistics to quantify non-nutritional knowledge about foods. This is so that beliefs about concepts such as “natural”, “homemade”, and “fried” can be considered equally to nutritional information like calories, salt, sugar and saturated fat content.

Natasha was at Chigwell from the age of seven to eighteen and was in Swallow’s. She studied English Literature, Drama, Biology and Mathematics at A level before leaving for university in 2013. As an undergraduate Natasha went to Brunel University London to study Psychology where she was awarded several subject prizes at graduation (Best Psychology Student, Best Overall Psychology Dissertation, and the British Psychology Society award) and then decided to continue in academia and study for her doctorate.

Thank you to Natasha for sharing her insight in the field.

If you would like to view the recording, please request from Mr Simon Coppell using the link below.

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