Our curriculum offers breadth and balance, with the goal of every child fulfilling his or her academic potential.

It is also creative and seeks to broaden the experience of our children and to make them independent in approach and curious about the world around them.

There is a core of English, mathematics and science. Here, we build in the key skills that our children need using the most up-to-date teaching methods to allow our pupils the opportunity to thrive. Where it is appropriate, our curriculum is linked to embed key skills within all the subjects and enable individual monitoring of our children’s progress.

We emphasise the importance of reading from an early age and have a Drop Everything and Read programme in the middle of our day. Literacy is also enhanced by the use of our Prep School library and we have visiting authors, speakers, and a reading programme.


Our curriculum is broad and enables our children to taste a wide variety of subjects

Mrs Evelyn Gibbs, Head of Prep School

Mathematics is taught using a mastery approach and embedded throughout our curriculum. Termly assessments monitor our pupil’s progress in English and mathematics and support is given when needed.

History, Geography, PSHE, Drama and Religious Studies are taught as separate subjects and the topics taught are enhanced through trips and workshops in school. Here is an experiential approach, with the children learning through seeing and doing. The Drama curriculum is enhanced by the additional clubs and performances that there are throughout KS2. The PSHE curriculum emphasise a strong relationships and is linked across the curriculum.

ICT is taught as a separate subject but also used in all the teaching. As well as the ICT labs, each form has a bank of chrome books to enable the children to use ICT in all their subjects. There are additional clubs to further extend the teaching of coding and animation.

Art, and Design and Technology, Music, PE and Games are taught by specialist teachers and the curriculum includes regular workshops and exhibitions. As part of their music, all the children are expected to perform in choirs and there are various music groups ranging from small ensembles to the Junior Orchestra.

French is taught from Year 3 as a specialist subject to build in linguistic skills. The children are introduced to other languages through various clubs.

We also continue with the outdoor education provided by the Pre-Prep with the woodland days for our Year 3 and 4 children. Residential trips in Years 5 and 6 also support their development of greater independence.

Our curriculum is therefore broad and enables our children to taste a wide variety of subjects but also allows them to build in the key skills that they will need later. It is supported throughout by the additional experiences of workshops, exhibitions, theatre groups, museums, performances, plays and concerts that bring the learning alive.

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