Pre Prep Curriculum Enrichment

Challenging, Rewarding and Exciting Experiences

Gaining Knowledge and Skills

The Pre Prep places great emphasis on learning outside the classroom so that pupils are provided with enriching experiences.

We provide rich and varied contexts for pupils to acquire, develop and apply a broad range of knowledge, understanding and skills.

Pupils can expect to take part in many educational opportunities, including visits to museums, theatres and workshops, as well as benefiting from enrichment activities in school, such as themed days, visits by speakers, musical workshops and other performances.


Pre Prep pupils attend chapel on a termly basis to celebrate special occasions and religious festivals.

Extracurricular programme

The School is committed to providing all pupils with an exciting and enjoyable after school extracurricular programme. We offer a comprehensive range of after-school clubs across a broad spectrum of interests including art, sport, dance and science, for all year groups. Clubs reflect the expertise of the staff and the interests and enthusiasm of pupils. Please note that our clubs are subject to change and availability.

Before and After School Care

The Pre Prep operates an extended day for parents who may want to leave their children before and after the school day.

In our breakfast and after school sessions, children are cared for by members of staff and spend their time playing and taking part in a variety of activities. There is an additional charge for this service.

Clubs Include:

• Art

• Ballet

• Computer

• Dance

• Multi skills/football

• Puzzles & Games

• Science

• Sewing

• Small world/role play

• Netball.