Safeguarding at Chigwell

Mental health and wellbeing are very important to us. Our extensive programme includes pupil training via assemblies, dedicated tutor time and visiting expert speakers.

Robust Procedures

Robust safeguarding procedures are implemented by a qualified team, with excellent support from the School Medical Centre, the Chaplin and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads in all parts of the School.

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) is built around developing emotional intelligence and resilience. Skills for good mental health are covered, as well as supporting pupils to stay calm and focused , particularly important during their exam years.

In Times of Personal Crisis

Every member of teaching staff at Chigwell has attended Mental Health First Aid Training, delivered by MHFA England, and are also trained to Level Two in safeguarding.

Staff also complete training in other aspects of safeguarding, and regular updates through e-learning, updates and external speakers. All of the Safeguarding Team, Head of boarding and the Headmaster are trained to Level 3 in Safeguarding.

A Highly Trained Team

While the tutor or a trusted teacher is usually the first point of contact for concerns pupils or parents may have, Heads of Year and Houses can be contacted along with the Safeguarding Team:

  • Mrs Amanda Goddard, Director of Boarding, Teacher of Geography - Designated Safeguarding Lead (Years 7 - 13)
  • Mrs Claire Tilbrook, Head of Junior Art - Designated Safeguarding Lead (Years 3 - 6)
  • Mr Thomas Burnside, Deputy Head (Pastoral) - Deputy Safeguarding Lead
  • Mrs Evelyn Gibbs, Head of Prep and Pre Prep - Deputy Safeguarding Lead
  • Miss Anna King - Senior Nurse.

By attending counselling and receiving early help, a minor problem can avoid becoming a major one. This can alleviate any on-going distress and long term problems.

Mrs Amanda Goddard, Designated Safeguarding Lead

School Counsellor

We are very fortunate to have a school counsellor available daily, for both pupils and staff.

Younger pupils may be referred by their parent or teacher to the counsellor by contacting Mrs Amanda Goddard, older pupils may email to ask for an appointment.

All appointments are confidential, and take place in our school Health and Wellbeing Centre.

This enables privacy for the pupil, and occasionally if needed, time out care from the Health and Wellbeing Centre, if a pupil is upset after an appointment.

A weekly timetable is drawn up and these sessions are free of charge.

Read more on the Health and Wellbeing Centre.

Quiet Garden

Our ‘Quiet Garden’ is a beautiful space with a pond and a stream running through it. This is where our pupils can come to be quiet or talk to friends. The garden is situated outside of Art room in the centre of the School.

View our Quiet Garden video.

Events & Information

Notifications of safeguarding events and information are to be found on all three Safeguarding Notice boards, these include our LGBT+ Club open to all the Senior School and friends, and future talks from visiting speakers and information.

Mrs Amanda Goddard, Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Amanda Goddard

Designated Safeguarding lead

Useful Numbers

NSPCC - Helpline for victims of sexual abuse in schools 0800 136 663