The Epping Forest Youth Council aims to give young people a voice in the Epping Forest district. It has been running for many years with councillors, who are students at local secondary schools, elected by their peers. Chigwell is very pleased to have been represented by various councillors who have all enjoyed their experience. Here, Cameron in Year 11, speaks about his time on the Youth Council:

"I first applied to be an Epping Forest Youth Councillor because I was interested in how the decisions were made above us. Also, I wanted to help contribute my experiences and time to making our local area a better place. When I first became a councillor I instantly felt at ease and was made to feel welcomed. We take part in many projects which aim to both improve lifestyles for children within and beyond their schools.

During lockdown, we did extensive research and created surveys about the experiences and concerns of young people, which enabled our local councillors to make an informed response (read the EFYC Health & Wellbeing Report 2020).

Additionally, when we could, we went on team building days and had face to face meetings. These were great because they enables us to get to know each other, and also to get some productive work done. With this said, I would highly recommend the youth council for all ages. This is a fantastic way to gain experience while also being beneficial to yourself and your friends!" Cameron, Year 11

Chigwell is proud to have been involved with the EFYC from the outset. Mr Punt was one of several local heads who took part in their light-hearted tea time photo request (featured below, enjoying a cup of coffee in his EFYC mug!).

The Youth Councillors had a bit of fun before schools closed for Christmas as they asked their head teachers for a tea time photo. We received a great response – thank you so much.

Diane Gilson-Butler, Young Person’s Officer, Community, Culture & Wellbeing

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