An Introduction to Chigwell School

I am delighted to welcome you to Chigwell School and I encourage you to come to see us for yourself.

If you do, you will find that we are a busy school where pupils of all ages work closely with each other and their teachers. In Chigwell pupils we look for academic ambition and a genuine eagerness to be involved in all that the School has to offer.

Ours is a happy, mutually-supportive, family-orientated community in which parents and staff work in partnership to help pupils reach their full potential and where friendships formed often last a lifetime.

Chigwell School was founded in 1629 and for nearly four centuries we have been preparing pupils to go out into the world. Clearly, that world has evolved a great deal since then, and whilst we are conscious of our long heritage, we are always looking to innovate so that Chigwellians are well-prepared to contribute positively, to inspire change for the better, and to continue learning throughout their lives.

We are very proud of our pupils and we strive to ensure that, through the curriculum and the wide range of opportunities available to them beyond the classroom, each becomes the very best they can be: independent in spirit, adventurous in approach, and empathetic in how they treat others.

Looking to the future

As we are approaching our significant 400th-year anniversary in 2029, it is a momentous time to reflect on our journey to date and continue developing our future. As such our new strategy highlights the key areas we are prioritising and the ambitious plans we have set for the school, our pupils, and the wider community.

Ultimately, we aim that each and every pupil will forge their own path to success, true to our motto: Find a way or make a way.

There is a special warmth about the nurturing Chigwell community, with excellent facilities set in a beautiful open site of 100 acres, within view of the City of London.

Time spent at school should be happy, with the right level of support to allow all to achieve. However, do come to meet us and see Chigwell School in action for yourself. We would be delighted to show you around.

Contact the Head

Mr Damian King

Our Mission

We strive to ensure that everyone is the best they can be: independent in spirit, adventurous in approach and empathetic in how they treat others.