Activities for Every Taste

A Busy Life at Chigwell and Beyond

Making Friends

Most of the students at Chigwell live close to the school. Our small boarding houses act as homes where our international boarders can socialise with their local friends nearby. The boarders are able to get to know local students and their families and experience ordinary British life outside school, such as going to their new friends' houses for dinner.

Sport and Wellness Facilities on Campus

The boarding houses are all situated close together on the campus and the school facilities are only a short walk from each of the boarding houses. The boarders make use of our brand new state-of-the-art Sport and Wellness Centre in the evenings, playing basketball, using the plethora of equipment available, the 25-meter swimming pool and the expansive grounds to run, jog or walk. Some swim before school in the summer term and use the swimming pool to cool down when we have a hot weekend.


Saturday sport is very inclusive at Chigwell. Football, hockey and cricket are played for one term each. Because there are five football teams for the sixth form, regardless of ability, if boarders wish to play competitively and put on the Chigwell football shirt, they can!

The Boarding Family

We also take time to be together both as individual boarding houses, our smaller families, and as a whole resident community, in our larger Chigwell Family.

Each year we enjoy a number of formal dinners as well as keenly contested sports nights and classic film nights in the drama theatre.

We always celebrate birthdays, we hold parties and barbecues. We decorate the houses for Christmas and regularly cook house dinner together on Fridays which is a time when we get many past boarders return for a good meal and a catch up (we are very proud of the fact that the boarders regularly come back and visit what many come to regard as their first home in England).

A Taste of London's Cultural Scene

Our school is set in the pretty village of Chigwell on the north-east edge of London. Being so close to London, boarders have the opportunity to experience all the Capital has to offer and regularly visit London's famous sites, museums, exhibitions, university lectures, as well taking part in fun activities such as ice skating in the winter.

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Sixth Form

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