Well done to everyone who took part in the Friends of Chigwell’s Half Term Photography Competition. The brief was to take an inspirational photo from nature and with over 150 entries from across the School, competition was fierce. Mr Aitken, Head of Art & Design and competition judge, commented how the entries were of a very high standard – which made choosing the winners all the more difficult.

I was very impressed t the fantastic technical ability displayed.

Mr Aitken, Head of Art & Design

Staying Local

Pupils were able to take advantage of the local area during the lockdown, with entries including Chigwell Meadows, Claybury Park, Epping Forest, Lee Valley Park, Roding Valley Nature Reserve, and Walthamstow Wetlands, as well their own gardens and views from home.

Animals & Insects

Wild and domesticated animals made a frequent appearance; friendly foxes, beautiful birds and delightful dogs were amongst the photos. It was intriguing to see close-up of insects too – from a camouflaged caterpillar to a spindly-legged spider.

Icy Inspiration

The recent cold-snap created the chance for some pupils to capture sensational roadside ‘ice-scapes’ - blending more urban backdrops with the glacial delights that appeared.

Thank you all pupils who submitted an entry.

We are pleased to announce the following winners:

Sixth Form

1st Place - Sam (Red Sunset)

"A stunning observation of a highly coloured sky. The stark silhouette of the tree makes a striking contrast with the orange clouds and the houses and gardens which are dusted with snow." - Mr Aitken

2nd Place - Talia ‘Even on the darkest days when it’s hard to see the light- hope is there, always, able to shine bright’.

3rd Place - Michael ‘Sneak a break’

Senior School

1st Place - Vika (Trees in perspective)

"A really creative piece that through the use of an unusual viewpoint encourages us to look at a very familiar subject in a new and interesting manner. The photograph demonstrates a thoughtful use of composition and presents a dramatic reinterpretation of the natural world." - Mr Aitken

2nd Place - Rhys ‘Glacial Fortress'

3rd Place - Dexter ‘Sly Fox’

Junior School

1st Place - Esther ‘Predator and Prey'

"An amazingly detailed image of a spider and a woodlouse. Looking at the photograph we can feel the tension and drama of a moment which would be too small and fleeting for us to usually witness. Looking at the photograph we all wonder 'what happens next?'" - Mr Aitken

2nd Place - Ava-Isha 'Reflections of an iced lake, Epping Forest'

3rd Place - Ehan (Pink rose and sunlight)

Marketing Director’s Highly Commended Place - Benyamin ‘ Predator in the Garden’. "I love the expression captured on the cat's face." - Miss Burton

Pre Prep

1st Place - Damian ‘Circle of friendship'

"The use of colour and the way in which the various plant and natural forms are arranged creates an image which has a number of intriguing abstract qualities whist still maintaining a strong connection to the natural world." - Mr Aitken

Joint Second Place

2nd Place - Alice (Purple flowers)

2nd Place - Zara - Holly Class (Pigeon & squirrel on tree stump)

3rd Place - Oscar 'Hellebore in the front garden.

Sixth Form Entries

Senior School Entries

Junior School Entries

Pre Prep Entries