Our Aim

We aim to assist our pupils in gaining as full an understanding as possible of the nature of mathematics. In doing so we hope to both deliver the national curriculum for mathematics whilst also raising an awareness in our pupils of the beauty and ubiquity of the subject. We aim to prepare our students thoroughly for public examinations and university entrance. In short we hope that our pupils will be able to reach their full potential in the subject.

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Our KS3 scheme of work is designed to ensure a smooth progression to iGCSE and is built around the following principles:

Fluency – ensuring that basic mathematical facts are so familiar that their recall and use is automatic.

Problem solving – requiring students to make decisions about the steps to take to tackle a mathematical task, increasing their willingness to persevere at tasks and developing their confidence in their ability.

Mathematical reasoning – requiring students to describe why they chose a particular approach and why their solution makes sense.

Progression – offering students the right amount of challenge at the right time, ensuring that the necessary prior knowledge is in place and gradually built upon.

Relevance – demonstrating how mathematics is used and applied in the real world and how it links to other subjects.

Students will prepare for Edexcel iGCSE mathematics examinations from year 9 through to year 11. The more advanced groups will also have an opportunity to study for the Additional Mathematics GCSE examined by OCR.

Students who have gained an A* at iGCSE will be encouraged to continue their mathematical development by undertaking A-Level mathematics and possibly A-Level further mathematics if they were also able to complete the Additional Maths course at GCSE. Those students who wish to pursue a very mathematical course at university may also be able to attend enrichment lessons outside of normal curriculum lesson times.

Pupils are encouraged to participate in many national mathematics competitions such as the Junior, Intermediate and Senior Maths Challenge. The questions from these and other sources such as nrich and many other websites provide an extensive resource of materials for extension and stretch. We also use university entrance papers and past interview questions including AEA, MAT and STEP.

Pupils are encouraged to join the school teams for the Team maths challenge and the Hans Woyda Inter-Schools Mathematics Quiz. Students are taken into London to attend lecture events and courses when appropriate. Visiting speakers such as Simon Singh and Dave Acheson have given lectures at Chigwell School.

Mr Shakil Chaudhary M.A., P.G.C.E
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