lives remembered list

Here you can find the full list of Old Chigwellians and former Chigwell School staff who have passed away (from August 2021 onwards). ​​ They are in chronological order with the most recent passing at the top.

If you are aware of the death of an Old Chigwellian or staff member which we have not covered, please do let us know. You may also send us obituaries and photographs of relevance.

Timothy Milbank (1950-1957)

Passed away 16/06/2023

Paul Farmer (1961-1968)

Passed away 26/04/2023

Colin Wilcockson (1942-1951)

Passed away 01/03/2023

Gordon Roberts (1948-1953)

Passed away 14/12/2022

Michael Francis Deakin (1946-1954)

Passed away 28/10/2022

Clive de Boer (1951-1959)

Passed away 29/09/2022

Doug Harryman (Former Teacher)

Passed away 04/09/2022

Peter Clayton (Former Teacher)

Passed away 01/07/2022

John Roger Mapley (1941-1949)

Passed away 21/06/2022

Tracy Claridge (1967-1974)

Passed away 22/04/2022

Louis Hodgson (Former Teacher)

Passed away 24/03/2022

Jim Retter (Former Teacher)

Passed away 09/01/2022

Simon Axford Jones (1961-1968)

Passed away 08/09/2021

Colin Dauris (1946-1953)

Passed away 29/08/2021

Paul Warner (1963-1972)

Passed away 01/08/2021