11+ Entrance Exam

True to our values, at Chigwell School kindness is at the heart of all that we do. The entrance assessment process is no exception, and moving forward for our incoming pupils due to join us in September 2024, we will be conducting most of our assessments online.

The process is designed to positively challenge and excite students. It is intended to assess a broader range of knowledge and skills than traditional entrance exams.

This online assessment is divided into two parts and will cover the components below. There will also be an additional written paper for English.

11+ Entrance Exam

Part 1

This part is based on the National Curriculum and consists of English, Verbal Reasoning, Maths, and Non-Verbal Reasoning tests, and lasts 60 minutes.

  • English 20 minutes
  • Verbal Reasoning test 10 minutes
  • Mathematics 20 minutes
  • Non-verbal Reasoning test 10 minutes

We recommend that all applicants familiarise themselves with the materials provided by clicking the arrow below.

11+ Entrance Exam

Part 2

The second part of the assessment consists of Creative Comprehension, Puzzles and Problem Solving and takes 35 minutes.

  • Puzzles and Problem Solving 15 minutes
  • Creative Comprehension 20 minutes

Written English test

Pupils are also required to complete a 30 minute creative writing task following the completion of both Part 1 and Part 2 sections.