About the Project

A once-in-a lifetime opportunity to be a part of history

Chigwell School is delighted to announce a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to be a part of history whilst celebrating those dearest to you in a stunning new installation to be erected in the new Sports Centre.

The appreciation wall will showcase personalised tribute plaques to celebrate and commemorate family, friends and others important to you.

Donations of all levels help Chigwell School 'Find a way or make a way'

Speak to Mr Scott Franssen, Director of Philanthropy, to learn more about unique ways to give and be recognised.

Personalised plaques on the stunning Chigwell School's appreciation wall

The eye-catching attraction will give pupils, parents, Old Chigwellians and others the chance to read and reflect on personal messages of gratitude and dedication.

Three sizes of plaques are available.


£10,000 and above

Size: 486mm x 182mm
Lines of text: 4
Character limit: 25 characters per line; 100 characters in total


£5,000 - £9,999

Size: 321mm x 60mm
Lines of text: 2
Character limit: 30 characters per line; 60 characters in total


£1,500 - £4,999

Size: 160mm x 60mm
Lines of text: 3
Character limit: 14 characters per line; 42 characters in total

Help build the future

Enhancing and improving sport provisions

Chigwell School is enhancing and improving indoor sport provisions with the building of the new Sports Centre scheduled to open in autumn 2023.

Donations to Chigwell School will help offset project costs whilst further enhancing sport for generations to come.