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Chigwell School has long depended on the far-sighted generosity of its supporters, which began with its foundation in 1629 by Samuel Harsnett who established the School for the education of poor scholars.

William Penn, Former Student

One of those poor scholars was William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania and the city of Philadelphia. Over the years, supporters who wish to see the School prosper have made generous contributions, helping Chigwell to become what it is today. However, we must continue this tradition and welcome support, involvement and charitable giving from Old Chigwellians, parents past and present, and friends of the School.

A Community of Kindness

What is philanthropy? From Greek and Latin origins, ‘philanthropy’ loosely translates to ‘love of humankind’. To further simplify, philanthropy can be seen as ‘people helping people.’

Approaching Chigwell School’s 400th anniversary in 2029, the Department of Philanthropy seeks to engage pupils, parents, Old Chigwellians, and others to promote acts of helping others. We seek to raise awareness, volunteerism, and money to enhance resources from bursaries to buildings.

Please contact the philanthropy team to share your insights and to discuss opportunities where you can make a positive impact on the lives of young people and the community.

Mr Scott Franssen, M.N.M.
Director of Philanthropy

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