Feel the wind in your face – even when swimming!

​Chigwell School has a wide range of outstanding facilities available to hire, including 50 acres of expertly maintained playing fields, a fully equipped gymnasium, a modern sports hall, including a multi purpose area, a heated outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts, football pitches, outstanding cricket pitches and practice nets, and a new floodlit all-weather astro turf pitch. The facilities are generally available for hire in the evenings between 6 pm and 10 pm, at weekends and during the entire holiday periods.

Many different groups, clubs and individuals use our facilities on a regular basis including cricket, hockey and football clubs, martial arts and dance groups.

The facilities are for hire for block bookings or for one off matches.

Hire Charges

Venue Charge per hour



Charge per hour



Gymnasium​ 29.00 31.80
Sports Hall​ 29.00 31.80
Hard Play Area/Teninis Court
 With Floodlights​
40.00 36.00
Hard Play Area/Tennis Court
Without Floodlights​
29.00 31.80
Astro Turf (full pitch)
 With Floodlights
67.50 67.50
Astro Turf (Full pictch)
Without Floodlights
50.00 50.00
Astro Turf (Half pictch)
With Floodlights
40.00 40.00
Astro Turf (Half Pitch)
Without floodlights
30.00 30.00
Grass Pitch
(per match)
57.50 57.50
Outside Cricket nets 22.00 22.00
Cricket Pitch
Full size (per match)
175.00 175.00
Cricket Pitch
Small size (per match)
100.00 100.00
Mrs Tina Page
Please feel free to contact me:
By email: [email protected]
or by telephone: 0208 501 5711