The Development Office maintains a comprehensive database of Old Chigwellians and works to keep them in touch with the School and each other by organising events and producing publications.  All information held by the Development Office is only available to the School for non-commercial purposes in line with data protection requirements.

In addition, the Development Office works to raise funds for the School.  These funds are used to enhance facilities to ensure that Chigwell School maintains its tradition of excellence.

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Supporting the School

Registered charity, number 1115098.

Chigwell School has long depended on the far-sighted generosity of its supporters, which began with its foundation in 1629 by Samuel Harsnett who established the School for the education of poor scholars.  One of those poor scholars was William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania and the city of Philadelphia.  Over the years, supporters who wish to see the School prosper have made generous contributions, helping Chigwell to become what it is today.  However, we must continue this tradition and welcome support, involvement and charitable giving from Old Chigwellians, parents past and present, and friends of the School.

Development particularly supports the School in the provision of funds for capital projects and the provision of means-tested bursaries.  We therefore continue to help serve all pupils by providing the best facilities possible necessary for a first class education, and promoting social mobility through our drive to widen access.  This approach, we believe, is very much in the sympathy with our Founder’s intentions.

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Chigwell School Bursary Fund

Bursaries provide financial support for children who show great promise in the entrance exam process, but whose families could not otherwise afford to send them to Chigwell School.

In addition, the Chigwell School Bursary Fund provides financial support to families whose children did not join the School with an assisted place, but whose circumstances have since changed.

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Recent and Future Developments

Over recent years, the School’s facilities have been extensively developed in order to enhance the educational experience that pupils receive.  In addition, more bursaries have been provided to enable more families to access a Chigwell education.  This has been achieved from fee income and donations, and includes:

  • 2008       Wilson Building teaching block
  • 2008       Floodlit AstroTurf pitch
  • 2009       Junior School library extension
  • 2010       Complete redevelopment of catering facilities
  • 2010       Sixth Form coffee shop
  • 2010       Harsnett’s and Church House converted into boys’ boarding houses
  • 2012       The Old Chigwellian Club and land was incorporated into the School estate
  • 2013       Pre Prep School built and opened for 110 pupils aged between 4 and 7
  • 2013       Two new science labs created
  • 2014       Drama Centre balcony extended to provide additional music and drama rehearsal space
  • 2016       The Risham Sarao Sixth Form Centre was completed
  • 2018       Dining Hall Extension opened
  • 2018       Renovation of the Chapel
  • 2018       Extension of Junior School
  • 2019       Restoration of the Old School roof
Sixth Form Centre - Opening 1

In the future we plan to:

Develop the Sports Centre

Expand our music facilities

Further expand our provision of bursaries

How to make a tax-efficient gift

There are a number of different, tax-efficient ways in which donors can make a gift to the School.  These include the use of Gift Aid, single or regular giving, gifts of shares or property, gift matching and payroll giving.  Please contact the Development Office for further details.

Leaving a Legacy to Chigwell School

A legacy to Chigwell School is one of the greatest gifts that can be made and is a lasting testimony to the affection of the donor for the School.

Legacies can be directed to an area of choice or can support all aspects of life at Chigwell by allocating the gift to the area of greatest need. For instance, it may be that the legacy should be used to fund bursaries.

The Development Office would be very happy to suggest appropriate wording for the most common types of legacy.  However, we recommend that wording is carefully reviewed by the donor and his/her solicitor in the context of the Will and their personal circumstances.

The 1629 Society

We appreciate that making a bequest to Chigwell is a very personal decision. We understand that and, of course, would guarantee anonymity and respect privacy.  However, we hope that those who plan to leave a legacy will inform us of their intentions so that we can thank them for their kindness and generosity during their lifetime.

In order that we can recognise the kindness of those who have remembered Chigwell in their Will, we have founded the 1629 Society, marking the year our School was founded by Archbishop Samuel Harsnett.  All those who have made us aware of their intention to include the School in their Will automatically become a member.

Mrs Gill Punt

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