We are delighted to present an exhibition of the work of young artists and designers in the school gallery. The exhibition features the work of 12 young people who have studied at, or who are associated with Chigwell School and it is a great pleasure to share these wonderful and accomplished pieces with the wider school community.

Head of Art and Design, Mr Edwin Aitken, commented that "Clemmie Carr’s colourful and vibrant paintings explore both interior and exterior aspects of the human form. Human bodies also feature in the superhero inspired paintings of Amirah Chaudhary and these works admirably reflect her interest and sophisticated use of mixed media. Cayley Cochrane’s drawings and garment represent her interest and involvement with Fashion Design and highlight her skillful use of colour and form. Ella Froud’s pieces - created using digital photography and make up, demonstrate her creativity and the potential of this medium to create intriguing artworks.

Architect, Matthew Gibbs is exhibiting images of some of the fascinating projects he has worked on and Richard Horn has work included in the exhibition of his imaginative prop and furniture designs. Lucas Jefcoate’s film ‘Home’ is represented by a series of stills that explore notions of reality and how people present themselves – commenting on the gap between a perceived sense of reality and the often less glamourous aspects of life. Dominic Murray’s fashion inspired pieces explore ideas relating to gender and heritage in a striking and compelling manner, and Maddie Prior’s graphic design and photography work perceptively comment on the recent lockdown and the passion people have for certain pastimes and pursuits. Jack Savage’s painting has been created with a great sense of detail and sensitivity, and this work presents an interpretation of the themes of still life and portraiture in an engaging, unique and highly personal manner. Emma Tilbrook’s art practice is represented by a series of storyboard panels from a recent film, ‘RAWR’ which was a project aimed at children. The pieces in the exhibition reflect Emma’s passion for animation and her ability to successfully and creatively use images to tell a story. Tara Wheelwright’s paintings explore the power of colour, the human form and wider ideas connected to portraiture and the female body and Tara’s paintings demonstrate a sophisticated and thoughtful use of mark-making and colour".

The exhibition will be open until January 31st.