Sixteen highly motivated Year 8 Students explored their own interests to produce presentations for the Foundation Project Qualification (FPQ).

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) and Higher Project Qualification (HPQ) have, year on year, become increasingly popular. Last year, 45% of the Sixth Form took the EPQ (worth half an A level), in addition to their three or four chosen subjects, and 34% of GCSE students, with ten academic subjects, pursued the HPQ.

EPQ and HPQ are well-regarded and motivated pupils enjoy them as they are self-chosen projects of particular interest to the candidate. Students carry out extensive research, with support from mentors, and then present their projects to staff and peers.

Because they have been so successful, our current Year 8 pupils embarked on the Foundation Project Qualification (FPQ). Sixteen pupils explored wide-ranging topics endeavouring to answer intriguing questions, such as: 'Why did Lady Jane Grey rule for only 9 days?' 'Can diets be unhealthy?' 'Should the death penalty be legal in all countries?' 'Does birth order affect your personality and interests when you grow up?'

On presentation day, the candidates filled New Hall, where parents, staff and friends stopped by their stalls, like a market place of ideas, to listen to and question them; revealing the passion and work that went into each project. Congratulations to all those who took part, and to the mentors who supported them.

Click below to watch the FPQ Presentation Evening video