From its Greek origins, ‘philanthropy’ loosely translates to ‘love of humankind, as demonstrated in efforts for the good of others.’ Discover more about Philanthropy at Chigwell from our new Director of Philanthropy, Mr Scott Franssen

"Nearing the School’s 400th anniversary, our ambitious goals include funding a sports centre to fulfil our holistic approach that recognises physical education and sports’ role in developing the whole person – regardless if that is a pupil or community member.

Additionally, we aspire to increase educational access for scholars regardless of financial ability by increasing funds for bursaries. Around 8% of pupils currently benefit from bursaries today, yet we wish to grow these funds exponentially. We are guided by Samuel Harsnett’s foresight to open Chigwell School in 1629 for the education of poor scholars.

I am Mr Scott Franssen, and I eagerly joined as the Director of Philanthropy in 2021 to strategize with Governors to serve pupils, families, alumni and the community. I relocated to London from Colorado, USA in 2019, and bring with me over 20 years’ experience in creating opportunities for others to be philanthropic through funding, awareness, and volunteerism opportunities.

Please join me by living the values identified within the word ‘philanthropy.’"

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