Celebrating the beauty of the annual festival of Diwali, its customs and traditions, has been a highlight of the last two weeks for pupils in the Pre Prep. In art and religious education lessons all children made highly decorative divas, created Rangoli patterns using pastels and learnt about the significance of the story of Prince Rama and his beautiful wife Sita.

Reception pupils were delighted to welcome one of our parents into school and we are grateful to Mrs Shah who taught them about how Diwali is celebrated at home and in the community. She gave them a chance to create detailed Rangoli patterns using lentils in their art lesson.

As always, Diwali is an opportunity for pupils to learn about traditional Indian music and dance. In a musical workshop, Storm and Angela from Earthsong, provided pupils with a chance to use a variety of authentic Indian drums, percussion, string and wind instruments and to participate in a classical dance which they performed beautifully.