Learning+ is a suite of initiatives designed to offer Chigwellians the chance to think for themselves outside the classroom. We encourage participation and the most able particularly enjoy the chance to challenge and question, and to investigate areas beyond the curriculum.  The elements of the Learning+ programme are:

The Williams Project

The Williams Project is a fortnightly speaker society designed to give Chigwell pupils and staff the chance to learn from experts, outside the classroom and in an informal environment. We meet every Tuesday of Week B, from 4:15-5:45. Often speakers stay for dinner afterwards providing great opportunities for further discussion. The current programme and a full archive of every meeting can be found on our website (williamsproject.org.uk). The Project is named after Bernard Williams, one of the foremost British philosophers of the 20th century, and an Old Chigwellian.

TICs (Top Institutions and Courses)

This is a programme designed to help prepare Sixth Form students who are applying for the most selective universities and courses including Oxbridge (any subject – medicine/veterinary science/dentistry, law).

The CAN (Chigwell Academic News)

This is a collection of email groups to which any student can sign up. There is a wide range of subjects available, from school ones like biology and English to university subjects like medicine, law, philosophy, sociology and architecture. Chigwell teachers use the CAN to share interesting articles they find online: students find this a very useful resource.

Higher and Extended Project Qualifications (HPQ and EPQ)

These operate in Years 10 and 11, and the Sixth Form, respectively.  They are independent projects selected, researched, written and orally presented by the students themselves. The resulting qualifications are highly valued by employers and universities, and are excellent for the development of academic independence and self-reflection.