A sure start and a consistent approach on one campus

I have great pleasure in welcoming you to Chigwell Junior School where boys and girls have an abundance of opportunities.  The Chigwell ethos pervades all that we do; our pupils have high aspirations, are encouraged to be curious, creative, and, most importantly, to enjoy everything that school life has to offer.  Our children are nurtured in small classes with inspirational teachers and together they create the very happy but busy atmosphere for which Chigwell is renowned.  Our facilities are spectacular and there is so much on offer that we simply encourage you to come to see us either at an open event or during a normal working day.  Only then will you really get a feel for what makes our school truly unique and very special.

Pupils join the Junior School as day pupils either from the Chigwell Pre Prep or from a wide range of primary or preparatory schools.  We aim to provide a consistent approach to education throughout children’s school careers.  Consequently, both our academic and pastoral structures are designed to develop the 7 year old right through to the end of the teenage years.  The Head and Deputy Head of the Junior School, together with all staff, are responsible for the pastoral care of Junior School pupils and they are available for consultation at almost any time. Form tutors carefully monitor each pupil’s academic progress and extra-curricular participation, as well as their general wellbeing, and they work closely with parents to support the children in their care.

Whilst in many respects the Junior School operates separately from the Senior School, both share the same educational philosophy, as well as many facilities and teaching staff.  In addition, friendships and joint activities link both Juniors and Seniors, giving pupils a sense of continuity as they progress through the School.  Everyone has access to the School’s extensive facilities, particularly in the areas of art, music, drama, physical education, games and ICT.  French is taught from the age of seven and pupils are introduced to other languages during their school career.

Mr Andrew Stubbs B.A., P.G.C.E
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