Statement of Principles and Practice

Boarding at Chigwell aims to create a friendly and supportive home-from-home for international students in the sixth form.  We specialise in helping foreign students adapt happily and securely to living and studying in the UK, and preparing them for successful entry into British universities.  Chigwell is a traditional English school, strongly rooted in our local community which, being so close to London, is cosmopolitan and welcoming to new arrivals.  Our small friendly international boarding houses provide a secure base for students from different countries to play a full part in an English school.

The resident community at Chigwell consists of 30 sixth-form students and 30 staff living together on campus.  The students live in four extended-family-style houses (two for girls and two for boys) – in each house a group of 6-8 students of different nationalities live together with their Houseparents and family.  The houses are all situated close together on the school site, and share the central school facilities (playing fields, sports hall, swimming pool, café, library etc).  Several other staff live in houses nearby, including the Headmaster and Chaplain and their families, as well as a variety of teaching staff who also work as tutors in the boarding houses, helping students with their work, and organising trips, lectures and social events in the evenings and weekends.

Boarding at Chigwell is therefore a mature community, in which sixth-form students, living closely with staff, are prepared for the adult world of university and beyond.  Independence and personal responsibility are valued and encouraged in all students, so that by the time they leave us, they are ready for the next stage in their lives.  By keeping the boarding houses small, and the staff-student ratio high, we are able to treat every student as an individual.

Boarding at Chigwell also strives consciously to promote the following values in the school:

-A friendly and inclusive community life

-The importance of every individual, in themselves and for the community

-A positive internationally-minded outlook

We value very much the different insights that individuals coming from other countries bring to our school.  We are committed to the sharing of these insights, and to a genuine cultural exchange for the benefit of all our pupils.