A group of 28 pupils and family members from Chigwell School made the annual trip to Saccidanada Ashram in Tamil Nadu. They joined in the life of the Ashram attending some of the daily services in the chapel and helped to prepare the food for lunch and dinner. They visited some of the projects that the Ashram run in the local community and saw first-hand how they benefit families who are in great need. Near the Ashram is the Tim Pruss Memorial School, developed in memory of a former Chigwell pupil who died in an accident shortly after leaving Chigwell in 2005. The group listened to pupils read and gave them practice in English conversation. During the visit, the School held their Speech Day and our group joined in the cultural programme by taking part in an Indian dance and offering their own rendition of Dancing Queen. There was also time to be tourists and the group spent a day in Tiruchirapalli visiting the largest temple complex in India. Deputy Head, Mr David Gower, commented that the Tim Pruss Memorial School seems to be flourishing and it was a great privilege to relay our impressions to Tim’s father, Dr Tony Pruss, on our return. He added that the week was a challenge in many ways to the group and, perhaps some members were changed as a result.