Chigwell School Eren Pars Cup match 2019

The annual Eren Pars memorial football match was fiercely contested once more between our Year 12 and the Year 13 students. Eren died from cancer on 25th May 2012 three years after leaving Chigwell.  His parents and the school inaugurated the match between the two sixth form teams in his memory and this year, it was won by only one goal, by the Year 13 side.  This was after two successive Year 12 victories.  Mr and Mrs Pars generously gave money to the School to be donated to the charity of the choice of the winners and this year the Down’s Syndrome Association was selected.

Deputy Headmaster, Mr David Gower, commented that “the boys not only had a good game of football but also knew that they helped to uphold the memory of Eren at the school.”