The staff in the department firmly believe in the value of creativity and the benefits of studying a challenging and thought provoking subject such as art and design within a school environment…


The Classics Department at Chigwell offers a wide range of courses and extra-curricular activities, and seeks to encourage all to learn as much as they can about the ancient world: its languages, literature & drama, history and philosophy…

Design and Technology

The Design and Technology department at Chigwell offers a broad and exciting curriculum that aims to develop pupils’ knowledge and awareness of contemporary design and technology


To maintain and/or stimulate lasting pupil curiosity, interest and enjoyment in Drama. To create an atmosphere where pupils wish to learn, so that they come to enjoy Drama, because they are active participants in it, and where staff enjoy teaching, so they give of their very best...


We aim to produce well educated economists and informed individuals who can relate theory to the real world, and who have the capacity to think through issues in an analytical manner…


English at Chigwell is taught in a way that combines academic rigour with an enthusiastic and flexible approach…


Geography is, in the broadest sense, an education for life and for living. Learning through geography – whether through formal learning or experientially through travel, fieldwork and expeditions…

Government and Politics

Government and politics is a discipline which is not simply about current affairs; it is a means by which students can develop balanced views about important issues and learn how to evaluate information gleaned from a variety of sources…


The History Department at Chigwell aims to encourage an appreciation of the past, promoting the enjoyment of its rediscovery. We encourage our pupils to embrace the study and understanding of all aspects of past human experience, individual and collective…


We aim to assist our pupils in gaining as full an understanding as possible of the nature of mathematics. In doing so we hope to both deliver the national curriculum for mathematics whilst also raising an awareness in our pupils of the beauty and ubiquity of the subject…

Modern Foreign Languages

In the Modern Foreign Languages Department at Chigwell we strive to give our young people the tools necessary to really be able to use another language, and enjoy doing so…


Chigwell has a thriving music department which is always buzzing with activity. We believe that with the right encouragement and guidance, at whatever level and in whatever style, the life of any child can be enriched and, perhaps, given a new dimension through music. More than half the pupils in the school regularly take part in a musical activity…


In the Biology Department pupils are encouraged to develop an appreciation of and an interest in the living world around them and to recognise the importance and value of biology in today’s society


At Chigwell we endeavour to stimulate an interest and promote enthusiasm for students studying chemistry. As a practical subject, students regularly carry out experiments and investigations to support and enhance their learning experience…


At Chigwell we aim to make our learning of physics enjoyable by including as wide a variety of experiences as possible: from practical and experimental work to trips to CERN in Geneva…


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At Chigwell we feel that an in depth education in the field of ICT is essential for providing students with skills invaluable to their futures…


Within the psychology department our aims are to foster an interest and develop enthusiasm for the study of human mind and behaviour. To encourage students to develop a scientific understanding of the investigation of human behaviour...

Religious Studies

Religious studies is a very popular and successful subject at Chigwell, with many students choosing it at GCSE and at A level. It is a genuinely thought-provoking subject. It is not exclusively for those who follow a particular faith and the course that we study does not seek to make the case for any particular religion.