Chigwell School is an academically selective independent school for boys and girls between the ages of four and eighteen.  The foundation of the School is Anglican and a Christian ethos is maintained, but pupils and staff are welcomed from many different ethnic and religious backgrounds.  All attend Chapel and/or Church services each week and although these services are grounded in the Christian faith, we draw consciously on the insights and experiences of the world’s great religious traditions and are inclusive of all pupils. This rich diversity strengthens Chigwell as a community and boys and girls who have met the selection criteria and who will benefit from and contribute to all that takes place at the School, are welcomed here.

The entrance assessment takes account of performance in:

  • the entrance exam or assessment session
  • the classroom experience session (7+ only)
  • the interview
  • report from the current school

Based on these factors, places are offered to candidates who show that they will best reflect the academic standards of Chigwell School and will benefit from the wider education offered by the School.  The School will do all that is reasonable to comply with its legal and moral responsibilities in order to accommodate the needs of candidates with disabilities for which the School can cater.

Please see the Admissions Policy and the Terms and Conditions of Admission

Mrs Janet Long

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