Pupils at Chigwell are offered a wide variety of extra-curricular clubs which vary from term to term.  The following is a sample of what is available.  Pupils are encouraged to participate as much as they can.

Pre Prep

In the Pre Prep the clubs include: Science, Computer, Construction, Sewing, Ballet, Dance, Art & Crafts, Gardening, Puzzles & Games, Role Play, Netball, Multi skills.

Junior School

In the Junior School the clubs include: Astronomy, Art, BBC School Report, Board Games, Charity Events, Chess, Art and Craft, Dance, Drama, Gardening, French, Gymnastics, Yoga, Cheerleading, Ballet, LAMDA, Music activities galore (choirs/orchestras/bands), Public Speaking, Science, Scouts & Explorers, Sports various, Sewing, Williams Project, Lego, Jewellery Making, Reading Group, Maths Challenge, Running, Stockmarket Game, Mindfulness, Karaoke, Korfball, Philosophy, Cinematography and Film Making, Greek Language and Culture, Magic, Coding, Handwriting, Papercraft, Creative Writing.

Senior School

In the Senior School the clubs include:  Charity Events, Classical Society, Debating, Drama, Duke of Edinburgh Award, Design and Technology, French Conversation, Gardening Club, German Conversation, Green Group, Islamic Society, Jewellery Making, Law Society, Learning +, Literary Society, Mandarin, Maths Quizzes, Model United Nations, Music activities galore (choirs/orchestras/bands), Philosophy Club, Poetry Society, Scouts and Explorers, Spanish Conversation, Sports various.