Chigwell School hosted a Corinthian-Casual School XI with a few familiar faces, such as Old Chigwellian Ben Shephard on Saturday 14th September. Corinthian-Casuals  play fixtures that are some of the oldest held ties in world football. Head of Football, Mr Andy Bruce commented that the Corinthian spirit is alive and is a great example to our young men of how football should be played. The game was close throughout with Chigwell holding their own, until the last ten minutes, against an older but more experienced side. He said that it was a tough game, played in the right spirit and it was an absolute honour to be involved in a match against a team with such history. The final score saw the Corinthian-Casuals win 2 – 0.

The Corinthian Spirit award was given to Joe Williams, the Chigwell captain because he played an excellent, mature and sporting match.